Mixed Nuts

The oily nuts, also known as lipid nuts, includes the best known nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios, pinenuts…But it also includes some plants and legume seeds. For example: do you know that American peanuts are nothing more than peanut seeds?
Rich in fat and low in sugar, once shelled, oily nuts can be eaten naturally or roasted.

They have different shape, texture and colour, but all members of nuts clan have a fundamental characteristic in common. They are an inexhaustible source of mineral salts, fibers, vitamins and proteins, the body’s fuels.
This is why a regular and measured consumption of them can significantly contribute to a good functioning of body and mind.

Vitamin E is the most common among vitamins found in oily nuts. Liposoluble and with antioxidant and protective action, it acts against any form of organism degeneration, both pathological and physiological.
For example, almonds and walnuts contain it in good quantities.
Vitamin B, present in hazelnuts, is useful to ensure a good metabolism efficiency.

Generally all the nuts abounds of proteins, the amino acid chains responsible for creating and renewing the tissues of living organisms. The ability of vegetable proteins to produce energy quickly means that, in combination with other foods, the nuts can effectively supplement a balanced vegetarian or vegan diet.

The fibers contained in nuts help the body to perform well and regularly its main functions. The nuts have mostly insoluble fibers. By absorbing more water, they quickly satiate and promote intestinal transit, decreasing drastically contact time between toxins and the intestine walls.

Mineral salts are naturally present in the body in small quantities, but they are essential elements to keep the whole organism healthy. They promote normal biological functions, such as muscle contraction, balance the amount of water in the body, help the nervous system and contribute to tissue renewal.

And don’t forget that, in addition to its proven nutritional properties, Nuts are good as well! Crunchy, tasty, delicious…


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