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Over twenty years of experience in the fruit and vegetable processing and marketing sector.


Relevant certifications to guarantee you the best quality.

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Mr. Dar
The nuts specialist

What we produce

From nuts and its related until chocolate dragées, through pralines and breakfast products. All the products are BRC certified and the production is always controlled to ensure the best for each individual customer.

  • Nuts

    Mixed Nuts The oily nuts, also known as lipid nuts, includes the best known nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios, pinenuts…But it also includes some plants and legume seeds. For example: do you know that American peanuts are nothing more than peanut seeds? Rich in fat and low in sugar, once shelled, oily nuts can be […]

  • Chocolate dragées

    Chocolate dragées Hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, coffee beans, but also cereals and amarena cherries. These are the products that represent the soul of our Dragées. A thousand of possible combinations, a thousand of different tastes and many colours. Lots of ways to eat them and also to have fun. You can use them for a “modern” […]

  • Pralines

    Pralines Pralines are born from the union of nuts with sugar. A few simple ingredients that give those who eat them everything, from nutritional properties of nuts to the sweetness of sugar. Top of the category is definitely the caramelized hazelnut, good for any type of food and situation: sweets, ice creams, yogurts… Excellent to […]

  • Breakfast

    Breakfast An endless catalogue, which includes everything you need for the best of awakenings. The D.A.R. S.r.l.’s breakfast products are perfect to offer a tasty and quality breakfast to start the day. They are products created to be rich of all the nutrients needed for breakfast with a touch of sweetness that is never wrong… […]

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Relevant certifications to guarantee you the best quality.